• How Are Deposits Made? – Deposits can be made via E-Transfer, Wishtender or Gift Card of my choice (Gift Card as a Deposit is only accepted for 1 Hour Bookings) 🤍
  • When Do You Need The Deposit?  The deposit is made upon booking as this secures the time together and assures me you are not wasting my time. If you try and book and are not ready to make a deposit , please do not contact me until you are ready to do so. 
  • Why Do You Need A Deposit? – The deposit is a way of assuring me you are not a fake booking, this shows your commitment to me as i am dedicating that time to you and blocking it off of my schedule, this lastly allows me to have some type of paper trail if there were an issues in person (assault, theft ,etc ).
  • Do You Accept References Instead? – NO. There is absolutely NO way to bypass the deposit. The reference system is something many ladies use but as i appreciate them, not everyone has the same experiences, preferences, or expectations. 
  • Do You Provide References? – Unfortunately not, I do not ask for them and will not provide them. I believe every experience is different and there is no way to predict if either party will be respectful. 
  • Are Deposits The Same For All Bookings? – No, this will vary depending on the duration of our date as well as if it an in-call, out-call, FMTY, overnight, etc. I typically ask for $100 per hour booked unless otherwise discussed for our longer arrangements.
  • Do You Accept Total Payments Via E-Transfer? – No, cash is best unless you have reached out prior to our meeting and we have come to an agreement.
  • Do You Do FMTYs? – Yes, i am passport ready! I ask for the flights, accommodations and a minimum booking of 6 Hours.
  • What If I No Show? – You will be blacklisted until a cancellation fee is cleared , no shows will be the full amount of the time booked.
  • Cancellation? – If the cancellation is made within 48 Hrs of the date , I require 200 per hr booked. If the cancellation is advance notice then i can easily reschedule. I will not meet again until this has been resolved. If there was a booking made of 3hrs or more, please contact me to discuss. Communication is key though 🙂