🐰 About Me

● ♡ ●

Indulging In Drinks : In the summer days I enjoy Rosé or a nice Riesling wine. I also love matcha Lattes & Mixed Berry Smoothies ❤️

My Flavours : From tasty seafood to chicken & pork, I enjoy all kinds of food including spicy foods! I have never been a pasta fan but do love ramen , vermicelli – does that count? 🙈

Hobbies : Staying active is something I’ve come to embrace with the mountains always surrounding me. I am a hiking fiend & snowboard enthusiast.

In the summer I definitely like to stay active but will always be up for going to try a new restaurant or head to any of the events going on in the area.

Concerts are some of my favourite things and most of my nightlife indulgence unless I’m in another country. I love to dance so if I go out for a night of fun, it will be where I can enjoy dancing with friends or make new ones.

Of course travelling has always been a part of my life & I will continue to explore new places ✈️

If I’m not on a new adventure somewhere – I would be home with my pups, doodling in my sketchbook while watching a new series. I love anime & horror movies but will watch anything that sounds interesting or is recommend to me. I still take some time to game online with friends or go solo 🤍

420 Friendly

● Visuals ●

Height: 167cm

Bust: 34 DDD

Background: Latina

Shoe Size: 8