~ About Me ~

Come Through & Chill – Miguel

I get my passion from my Latin roots and my energy from the excitement of exploring my greatest desires.

Trying new things & exploring new places is always something I love to take advantage of.

While completely into an active lifestyle – indoor or outdoor, I also express myself with my sketches & creative projects.

I completely lose myself in intimacy & pleasure. With my naughty thoughts & sweet personality I believe we will have an unforgettably delightful time exploring each other.

Let’s escape reality together ~



Height: 5″5

Ethnicity: Latina

Hair: Chocolate Brown

420 Friendly

● ♡ ●

Indulging In Drinks : With the summer days i enjoy some Rosé , some tequila or a Gin & Tonic. I love trying different wines and the occasional whiskey – I don’t discriminate haha.

& also love pineapple juice! 🍍

My Flavors : I definitely don’t mind some tasty seafood or some steak ! But again, I love trying new things and do enjoy all kinds of food.

Hobbies : Staying active is something I’ve come to embrace with the mountains always surrounding me. I am a hiking fiend & snowboard enthusiast.

If I’m not conquering a mountain, I’m most likely enjoying myself at the gym

I would say that travelling is a pretty great hobby also!

Music : I love Latin music, rap / R&B, hard rock, EDM,  many others & not in any specific order! I must say I’m not a fan of country music.

Sports: American Football, MMA, Soccer & Hockey.

If I’m not on a new adventure somewhere – I would be doodling in my sketchbook watching a new series or singing along to some playlists I’ve made !


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